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WHITE SETTLERS was released theatrically and for home entertainment in the UK and the US in 2014/15.  The film is currently available on Netflix in the UK and as THE BLOOD LANDS in the US. WHITE SETTLERS will soon be screening on the UK's Horror Channel in summer/autumn 2018.

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 WHITE SETTLERS world sales are being handled by Caroline Couret-Delegue at Film Seekers.


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‘The twist at the end is a stroke of genius, making the entirety of the events we have witnessed seem very real… like something you would read about in the morning newspapers’. Horror Movies uncut

White Settlers UK release ironically coincided with the Scottish Referendum debate which was voted for, on the 18th September 2014.


The Scotsman and Guardian newspapers picked up on the film and ran with idea that it was ‘The Scottish referendum horror movie’ and it’s caused quite a stir, particularly in Scotland. Loosely connected maybe, but it would seem that this was the perfect time to release the film.

White Settlers World premiere was in London on the 23rd August at Frightfest and then it screened at various cinemas around England and Scotland.

The film was also selected for a number high end genre film festivals around d the world Including Sitges (Spain), Night Visions (Helsinki) and Flanders Film festival (Bruges).

Released as THE BLOOD LANDS in the US (Click on the image to purchase via Amazon.com)